Recital contest of the greatest treasure. It's a must-see.

Izukogen Shizuoka Japan.

Production Experience

Production Experience

You can also experience the production experience at the museum. How about making products of original memories after visiting the museum.

If you are interested, we can make detailed explanation of contents, fee etc. Pliase ask at the store or reception desk.

Also, since the experience corner of the museum is limited, the person allowed to enter the experience corner is the person who participate in the production experience, or if you accompany young children only one person per group is allowed.


For those who wish only for the production experience, because of the experience corner of the museum the receprion desk will be the same as the receprion at the museum so please tell us at the reception that you would like to do only the procuction experinence.

Please note that we will not make any refund after entering the museum.

※About group

Production experience can be held with group of people up to 50. Please inquire details.