Recital contest of the greatest treasure. It's a must-see.

Izukogen Shizuoka Japan.

About the Museum

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    Our company owner Yoshimitsu and Shigeko Yamamoto visited China for the cultivation processing technical guidance of cherry leaf for many times and saw many artwork of China. Mr. and Mrs. Yamamoto were impressed by ivory sculpture and started collecting ivory artwork for many years. They collected more than 300 items, and thought, it is wasteful to keeping it for personal appreciation. so they decided to use it for the activation of Yoshimitsu's birth place and established "Ivory treasure house of fine arts" in Izu-shi Odoi.

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    Izukougen Musium of ivory and stone Sculpture ~jewelpia~

    ...Moviong to Izu-kogen... Extension and renovation had been done twice in 25 years since the opening of museum in Toi, and the exhibits were further enriched. Owner Yamamoto Yoshimitsu retired from the scene and Hikaru Yamamoto become new owner. He received voices from many customers who visited the hall during various process, and decided to move to Tomido, Ito-shi on (2014) September 1 in 2014. The new exhibition hall chooses customer's voice as reference for service improvements such as one-storied building with perfect impediment removal and establishing a production hands-on corner for customers. The new name for the museum is chosen from 580 applicants works and named "sculpture art museum of ivory and a stone-jewelpia-".

    "Jewel =Jewel" for, "jewel, jewel, jewelry and valuable person thing", "peer =pia" the meaning of "colleague, equal, classmate, my company, my friend and equal person" is also repeated as "peer" at the same time as "peer =pia" indicates "place". "Jewel peer" is intention of "the place where something valuable was collected" and is the word to which "contest of the greatest treasures" was expressed at the same time.