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Izukogen Shizuoka Japan.

Ivory Carving

Chinese Ivory carving

~Elegant modeling and splendid decoration~

Ivory was also valued highly more than ancient times in China. The ivory was made presentation items to Imperial Household for many times.

After Ming dynasty and the Qing dynasty, Craftsman of ivory carving succeeded a traditional technique, also created newer technology for completing wonderful works.

the technique of solid carving,relies,openwork takes one's eyes for its expressive power. There is a feature such as elegant modeling, the splendid decoration and forcefulness of the profile.

~Delicate and beautiful Chinese ivory sculpture~

Ivory carvers split up into 2 parties as Chiangnan party and a Cantonese party in Quing age.

The work a craftsman of Chiangnan party made floods an uplifting feeling by a novel relief, and a minute sculpture receives high evaluation for a work of a Cantonese party.

Many of exhibited works in this museum are based on Chinese classical literature and lucky charm for one's longevity, Fukujiyu(long life and happiness) and heaven (gods) etc.